Charles Butler Contracting has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and has consistently achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. The top priority of Charles Butler Contracting is client satisfaction, and almost all of their work comes from customer referrals and repeat business.

Charles has 18 years of experience in residential remodeling. He started his home remodeling company 8 years ago in 2008 after managing projects for other top Southeastern residential Remodeling firms for 10 years. Charles established his business during the recession, which impacted his business model. His company's overhead has remained low, allowing him to keep costs down without lowering the quality of the work.

Charles typically works on a fixed cost basis, as he has found that this model leads to satisfied clients who do not encounter surprise costs. Charles is precise with regard to estimating budget and completion time, so he's able to produce a superior finished product on time and within budget.

Working with Charles is a seamless enjoyable experience, as he is involved throughout the entire process--during estimating, budgeting, design, material selections, production and punch-out, as well as warranty, if needed. Charles plays an integral role in each project, working directly with clients and trade contractors on every aspect of the work, from the big picture concepts to the smallest details. Clients of Charles Butler Contracting deal directly with Charles, the owner and operator. He has so much experience working with so many types of projects and materials that he is well prepared to quickly handle any challenge that arises.

Charles has worked with the same 'in-house' architectural team for most of his career. So he's able to work with clients on a design-build basis, from the very start of the design process. But he also works with outside architects, in the case that his clients already have plans or prefer to work with a specific architect.

Charles enjoys the production side of his work immensely. A big part of his job is researching, finding and vetting subcontractors. Many of his subcontractors are like family members. His team members new and old are good trustworthy people and skilled workers. Another huge part of his business is management. He is a natural manager who knows who to balance the push-pull involved in getting the work done right and keeping his team members happy and satisfied in their positions, which leads to a better product.

Charles and his team have always worked exclusively on renovations, so they understand the nuances involved with working in homes around homeowners (and often around pets and young children). They are always mindful of being guests in your home. Charles Butler Contracting's job sites are impeccably clean, which is a benefit homeowners greatly appreciate. While working around you, your plants and belongings, he and his proven team members are courteous and make a conscious effort to avoid disrupting your routine or that of your neighbors.

Charles Butler Contracting would be an excellent choice of a company to build your dream project. They focus on aesthetics and functionality and are interested in creating solid long lasting renovation projects that are in keeping with the architectural integrity of your home. Charles takes on both large and smaller scale projects. But he typically does not get involved in small repairs or handyman work for anyone other than existing clients.

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